Freddie Dredd Bucket Hat Unisex Sun Hat Gifts for Freddie Dredd Fans Greed Fisherman Hat

In all outdoor activities, wearing this comfortable hat can protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and protect your hair and eyes from the scorching sun. Foldable, easy to carry, without deformation. Suitable for gardening, beach, camping, hiking, fishing, wedding or any outdoor activities. Suitable for any season. Polyester twill fabric. It feels fine, non-shrinking, lightweight, breathable, and foldable. This item requires 3 - 5 business days to handcraft.

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Who is Freddie Dredd and What’s His Real Name?

Ryan Mitchel Chassels, professionally known as Freddie Dredd (as a rapper) and Ryan C. (as a producer), is a rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter, from Durham, Ottawa, Ontario. Dredd is known for his gritty and experimental music sound that takes influence from Memphis rap and phonk music.

General Information

Real Name: Ryan Mitchel Chassels

Date of Birth: 19 September 1997

Instruments: DAW, vocals, sampler

Genres: Memphis Rap, horrorcore, phonk, trap, cloud rap, jazz rap, experimental hip-hop

Groups: Sixset, Doomshop

Musical Style

Dredd's production style is primarily sample based, with him often using samples from Bossa Nova music and Japanese anime and video games accompanied by 808 cowbell melodies and phonk drums. His vocals are often very crude and aggressive in both lyrical content and mixing, with his vocals often being heavily bitcrushed and distorted.

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